Senator Muna-Barnes Applauds Green Light for Mayor’s Cleanup Program


Guam – Senator Tina Muna-Barnes is applauding the Bureau of Budget and Management Review (BBMR) decision to release the funds allowing for the long awaited “Nagasgas I Tanota” or Island Wide Clean-Up Program to begin.

In a release, the Senator said that BBMR has now created an account specifically for the Program within the Department of Administration. The name of the account at The Department of Administration is the “Mayors’ Council of Guam Recycling Revolving Fund.”

Senator Muna-Barnes Chairs the Legislature’s Committee on Municipal Affairs which overseas the Mayors Council which is running the cleanup program.

According to the Senators release:

The funds are collected by the Department of Revenue and Taxation through vehicle registrations, which is then transferred to the Guam Environmental Protection Agency then credited to the Mayors’ Council of Guam to implement community recycling projects.

Over the next week, the Mayors’ Council of Guam will begin finalizing the strategic, development and administrative framework for “Nagasgas I Tanota” operations. The first operational imperative will be to fulfill the Program’s commitment to the residents of Santa Rita by completing the recycling collection activities that had been first initiated in that village. Valuable information, such as a characterization of special wastes generated at the village level, will be used to fine tune the operations, and begin implementing the full system which will improve service to our island residents.

“The full system will consist of three teams operating in the north, the central and the south these efforts will be independent of each other but will also be coordinated together. This will be a nine month project. Our goal is to ensure that every house hold that wants to participate in this program gets an opportunity to do so. We want to be able to reach out to every nook and every cranny from back roads to dirt roads to main streets all the way from Malesso to Yigo” stated Vice Mayor of Sinajana and Vice President of the Mayors Council Robert Hofmann — who also chairs the Mayors’ Council’s Environmental Committee.

Guam EPA Administrator, Elisabeth T. Cruz, stated “Guam EPA believes that the cleanup of our villages is a priority in protecting the health of residents and preserving our fragile island environment. The successful and consistent implementation of this  island-wide cleanup program is good for our island and, as an added benefit, will give rise to future recycling opportunities.”

Governor Felix P. Camacho and Lieutenant Governor Michael W. Cruz stated. “We are thankful to the many partners who have worked hard to bring this service to our people. This valuable partnership will allow us to protect our environment, preserve the beauty of our villages, and provide our people the opportunity to be part of keeping our island green.”

Today’s announcement is the result of a multi-agency, multi-sectoral effort involving the Mayors’ Council of Guam, the office of the Governor, the Mayors’ Council of Guam, Senator Rory Respicio, Senator Tina Muna Barnes, the Guam Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Administration, the General Service Administration, the Office of the Attorney General and Balli Steel Guam