Clergyman who contracted COVID-19 doing well

Father Mike Crisostomo, of St. Anthony's Church, gave K57's Patti Arroyo an update of the clergyman's status and when to expect things to return somewhat to normal. (PNC photo)

Catholic churches across the island were affected by the news that a clergyman from St. Anthony’s tested positive for COVID-19.

Father Mike Crisostomo, of St. Anthony’s Church, gave K57’s Patti Arroyo an update of the clergyman’s status and when to expect things to return somewhat to normal.

Father Mike Crisostomo said the clergyman who contracted COVID-19 — as well as the other clergymen who were tested for the virus — are doing well.

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“We are great. We are fine. Our brother that tested positive is doing well. He’s on the path to recovery. I believe he had symptoms. He’s engaged in that. He has medication. He has physicians attending to him. So we’ve been very blessed to have that care. Public Health has been monitoring him. We have, of course, our parishioners. We are continuing to communicate with him. I communicate with him through Zoom or through WhatsApp. So he’s well cared for. All of our other priests that are here, residents as well, are all quarantined. We all tested negative,” Fr. Crisostomo said.

The clergyman who tested positive was present during an ordination held November 7th at the Agana Cathedral.

Clergymen from five other parishes — Maina, Piti, Santa Rita, Toto and Yigo — were also at the ceremony.

They were put in quarantine and tested and their parishes temporarily closed.

All parishes were originally scheduled to reopen by the end of last week.

However, only two — Yigo and Maina — have done so.

Crisostomo says that even though the other clergymen tested negative for COVID, they are completing their 14-day quarantine as a precaution at the recommendation of Public Health.

The Piti, Santa Rita, and Toto churches will remain closed until further notice.

The Mongmong church is closed until further notice but that’s because the pastor is off-island until November 30th and is expected to undergo a 14-day quarantine when he returns.

St. Anthony’s parish is scheduled to reopen on the 24th.

“Our 14-day period ends on the 23rd. So I just gave our staff a little bit more time to get ready so that we can fully open on the 24th. But even at that, we’re going to continue to not let our guard down. We’re going to continue to monitor, to sanitize, to do all those things. But again, we implore our people to understand that when we ask for contact tracing registration, when we ask for social distancing, when we ask you to wear your mask in church, please do so,” Fr. Mike Crisostomo said.