Closing Arguments Held in Babauta G-RAP Trial


Lt. Col. Franklin Babauta is accused of conspiring with another to falsely filed a G-RAP bonus claim.

Guam – Closing arguments were held today in the G-RAP trial of former National Guard member Lt. Col. Franklin Babauta.


Babauta is facing federal theft and fraud charges for allegedly conspiring with former Homeland Security Adviser Ambrosio Constantino to file a false bonus claim for $2,000.

G-RAP was a program created to boost enlistment numbers in the national guard and paid recruiter assistants up to $2,000 for every soldier they helped enlist.

Constantino, who was found guilty earlier this month, filed the bonus claim for Babauta’s son because Babauta was ineligible at the time to claim the bonus for his own son.

During Babauta’s trial, his defense attorney David Lujan attacked the federal contractor DocuPak, which facilitated the G-RAP program, suggesting that the online verification process was not enough to validate bonus claims.

Once jury instructions are completed, the case will be turned over to the jury to decide Babauta’s fate.