CLTC Board Nominees Vow to “Protect and Defend” Basic Concept of the CLTC


Guam – CLTC Board nominees Rita Franquez and Michael Borja promised Monday at their confirmation hearing to protect and defend the basic concept that the Chamorro Land Trust Commission, affirming that the CLTC exists for the benefits of the Chamorro people of Guam.

They appeared before Senator Ben Pangelinan’s Committee on Land.

Franquez also said she wants to ensure that CLTC is frugal and careful in it’s administering of Guam’s lands because of the limited amount of land that the island has. And she wants to encourage the use of government land for producing some form of renewable energy.

All unregistered government owned land should be under the control of the CLTC until the registration process is completed, anything unregistered government land should be under the control of the CLTC,” said Franquez.

Michael Borja told lawmakers he would strive to be honest and fair in all of his dealings. He also wants to focus on improving collections and believes that land used for residential and agricultural leases should have infrastructure prior to being leased. “Now while commercial leases definitely provide the obvious with revenue from their leases we should also make sure that the leases from agricultural and residential applicants get as much attention as well,” said Borja.


Public Hearing – v.c. pangelinan

WhenMon, 7 March, 09:00 – 10:00
WhereI Liheslaturan Guahan, Public Hearing Room (map)
DescriptionNotice of a Public Hearing The Committee on Appropriations, Taxation, Public Debt, Banking, Insurance and Land, chaired by Senator vicente c. pangelinan, will conduct a Public Hearing on the following: Confirmation: -Mr. Michael J.G. Borja – member, Chamorro Land Trust Commission -Ms. Rita T. Franquez – member, Chamorro Land Trust Commission Bills: -Bill No. 45-31 (COR) -Bill No. 56-31 (COR) -Bill No. 59-31 (COR) -Bill No. 68-31 (COR) -Bill No. 73-31 (COR) Copies of the agenda items may be found on the Guam Legislature website ( For more information please call the Office of Senator vicente c. pangelinan at 473-4236.

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