CLTC chairwoman assures public that they are cleaning up lease controversy


Guam – Chamorro Land Trust property applicants want to know where they stand in line and whether their leases will be canceled because of mismanagement at the Trust.

Chamorro Land Trust Commission Chairwoman Pika Fejeran assures those waiting in line to receive their land leases for as many as two decades that five Land Management staffers are now on top of the situation and are taking applicant testimonies.

Applicants and concerned citizens gathered at the legislature’s public hearing room last night for Senator Tom Ada’s CLTC oversight hearing.

One 1995 applicant told the gathering that she’s been checking her status since 2009 and used to visit a website for updates but no longer sees any such portal online, saying she was never contacted in the 22-plus years since she first signed up for a land lease.

The applicant says she thought the program had been placed on hold and wasn’t issuing land leases anymore.

“But come to find out with the news that they started giving out properties, I didn’t even, if I would’ve known that, I would’ve gone and updated my information, but I didn’t. So probably advertising in the paper would’ve helped everyone,” the woman said.

Senator Ada’s Committee on Environment, Land, Agriculture and Procurement Reform meets again for an oversight hearing on Thursday to learn more about the Chamorro Land Trust program’s compliance rules and regulations, then again next Tuesday to learn more about CLTC’s financial standing.