CLTC loses confidence in administrative director

The Chamorro Land Trust Commission held a marathon meeting Thursday (FB video capture)

The Chamorro Land Trust Commission has lost confidence in its administrative director and is calling for a meeting with Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero to discuss the matter.

In a marathon meeting on Thursday, the commission tackled the issues raised against CLTC administrative director Jack Hattig III.

This after a land agent during a previous CLTC meeting on Feb. 18 accused Hattig of “coercion” and “recommending an illegal action.”

The alleged illegal action involved Hattig allegedly allowing the transfer of one lease application to another in exchange for a place on the waiting list.

After a lengthy executive session Thursday, the commission decided that Hattig “was not suited” to continue to lead the agency.

“With our legal counsel’s support and going through discussions in relation to the Feb 18, 2021 commissioners meeting … at this time, the commissioners have determined that director Hattig is not suited as administrative director for the Chamorro Land Trust Commission,” CLTC chairman John F. Reyes Jr. said.

He added: “Therefore, as a commission, we are going to request a meeting with the governor. In the meantime I ask for everyone’s cooperation.”

Land agent Lydia Taleu, who made the accusation against Hattig during the Feb. 18 meeting, was also present during yesterday’s meeting.

The Feb. 18 incident has been roundly criticized by Sen. Joanne Brown and the Vigilance Committee.

In a letter to Governor Lou Leon Guerrero, senator Brown said the accusations against Hattig raise serious questions about the integrity of the administrative director and the commission’s current practices.

Considering the significant role the CLTC plays in the distribution of lands among its recipients and their families, Brown said it is critical that a full official investigation be launched with public scrutiny into the corrective actions that will be taken regarding this incident.

After the Feb. 18 meeting, the commission met again on March 18 during which Reyes said he talked with Hattig and said the issues have already been addressed although no action was taken by the commission during the meeting, which was recessed.

The meeting was supposed to resume on March 25, however, this meeting was postponed due to a lack of quorum.

In the meantime, Reyes said an internal report had been prepared on the incident but he couldn’t release it to the public because it relates to internal personnel matters.

The Vigilance Committee has asked for a copy of the report, despite CLTC’s refusal to release it publicly, invoking the Freedom of Information Act.

Vigilance Committee President Lee Webber, in an earlier news release, said that “stonewalling” does nothing to enhance the respectability of the CLTC.

“Why doesn’t Commissioner Reyes simply provide us the Reyes Report? His reluctance to disclose the Reyes Report leaves both land agents and the general public unsure and potentially confused, still questioning the conduct of the CLTC Administrator and the integrity of the entire CLTC process,” Webber said.