CLTC resolving red-marked leases

Jack Hattig, Chamorro Land Trust Commission (CLTC) director

The Chamorro Land Trust Commission plans to resolve the legal concerns over the recently discovered red-marked leases signed by a previous commission official.

CLTC is hoping to make some changes to the residential and agricultural lease program with the proposal of new rules and regulations.

Jack Hattig, CLTC director, told K57’s Andrea Pellacani, “We had found that there were a bunch of leases that were signed by the past administrative director and they were waiting for the governor’s signature. At the bottom, the governor is supposed to sign the signature portion. While they were waiting, the previous director had placed a large x over them.”

Hattig was referring to Michael Borja, who also served as the previous Department of Land Management administrator.

Hattig says the CLTC found out that the leases were not executed. Now, the legality of the leases is in question. He is working with the commission’s legal counsel to see if the leases are in effect or if the x-mark cancels the process.

Hattig said once the legality issue has been settled, he will bring the leases before the board for approval. “If everything is good according to the current statutes, then we can approve and I can sign them to consummate the lease,” he added.

Approximately 28 red-marked leases have been identified, according to Hattig. Normally, leases are assigned to a specific property identified on the lease.

Aside from the red-marked leases, the CLTC is also preparing to make changes to the commission’s rules and regulations. The commission has already sent a letter to the Guam legislature outlining the proposed rule changes.

“The commission is also taking a re-look at its rules and regulations and part of the commission effort here is to get input from its beneficiaries, from the people that are affected by the rules and regulations,” he said.

Hattig said the changes will be centered around the management and integrity of the waiting list, managing and awarding leases, and transparency and accountability.

A CLTC working session is set for Thursday at 1 p.m. The community may provide input during the board meeting at 4 p.m.

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