CLTC seeking legal guidance on cannabis cultivation

(PNC photo)

Guam –  With the Cannabis Industry Act of 2019 now law and with the recent completion of the Cannabis Control Board, Chamorro Land Trust Commission chairwoman Pika Fejeran said the commission wants to allow cultivation of cannabis in CLTC properties but must await legal guidance on the issue.

Fejeran explains their position to PNC, “The Commission, via the motion made and passed in 2017, wants to allow the cultivation of cannabis, but must tread carefully and consider the legal ramifications.”

Fejeran said that the commission’s legal counsel recently said that the previous Attorney General had prohibited cannabis cultivation on CLTC land because the federal government could seize the properties and charge the lessee and approving government officials for breaking the federal law.

Current federal law still lists cannabis as a controlled substance. “So now, we wait for further direction from legal counsel and AG on this new law,” Fejeran said.

According to the chairwoman, a couple of years ago, the body passed the motion that cannabis cultivation would be an approved use of Land Trust property by lessees but the AG at the time had informed the director that the approval was against federal laws, which forced the then director to issue a memo to the staff.

CLTC wants to provide the public with clarity on the issue.

Guam has been included in a federal budget amendment since 2015 that prohibits the Department of Justice from interfering in state and territory medical cannabis programs.