Civilian Military Council Holds The First of Many Meetings


Guam – The Civilian Military Coordination Council or CMCC held it’s first meeting this morning at the Top of the Mar. The CMCC is tasked with monitoring the pace of the buildup in order to make recommendations that will help the military keep Guam’s growth on pace with it’s infrastructure.

 Adaptive Program Management is a term the Department of Defense coined to describe it’s plans for mitigating a lot of the potential problems associated with the buildup. Essentially it means that the military will adapt it’s plans as needed to ensure that Guam doesn’t grow to fast. The CMCC will gather data and try to forecast trends in order to make Recommendations to DOD so that they can adapt their troop flow to Guam. But the troops will come later the first concern of the CMCC will be the pace of construction projects. However, all the CMCC can really do is make recommendations. It will have no regulatory powers, or policy making powers. “It is not a programming organization it is not a budgeting organization so those functions if you will are not resident with the CMCC. Again as Captain Lynch said the focus of the effort is on the construction activities and to be able to not harm the environment and not cause harm to the people of Guam while we’re doing this,” explained JGPO Director John Jackson.

 In order to do this the CMCC will be focused mostly on gathering information and data. Capt. Peter Lynch explained saying, “Admiral Bushong has tasked JGPO and NAVFAC to create the ability to capture all of this data and put it into a specific location. I’ve budgeted for two people to do that who will essentially do just that, they will gather the data that already exists they will consolidate that analyze it and then establish some trends based on the information they know.”

 The CMCC is really just a way for DOD officials, as well as local and federal agency heads to share information and concerns with each other. This is something that has already been happening with what is known as the civilian military task force or CMTF. In fact the CMTF has been doing much of this work for the last several years. “You can draw parallels between some of the existing CMTF organizations as Pete said we don’t want to re-invent the wheel we don’t have a requirement to re-invent the wheel but we may actually ask for information and ask for data from these ongoing meetings,” said Jackson.

 The next CMCC meeting will take place in December. The exact date however has yet to be determined.