CMS accepts hospital’s corrective action plans

(Photo from PNC)

Guam – Sen. Therese Terlaje,  the legislative health committee chair, expresses elation over the news that the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services has accepted the corrective action plans of the hospital.

According to Terlaje, GMH administrator Lillian Posadas shared the good news. “So they’ve accepted their plans so GMH has to continue working hard. And they promised that they’re going to keep ahead of the CMS reviews now,” she said.

The corrective action plans submitted to CMS by GMH is relative to the 2 deficiencies
noted – first, their quality assessment and performance improvement. Another item is the hospital’s anesthesia services.

However, by CMS accepting their corrective action plan this now gives the hospital another opportunity to get in line with CMS regulations that would keep them eligible for Medicaid and Medicare funding.

“So that’s what i’m really looking forward to – that we are making these systematic changes that are going to allow them, whenever there is an inspection or review process, that they’re on it, they’re prepared,” Terlaje said.