CMS gives GMH until Friday to submit corrective plan

The island's public hospital had previously been at risk of losing its CMS certification. (PNC file photo)

The Guam Memorial Hospital has one more item to address as part of the compliance conditions set by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for maintaining provider status.

Lillian Posadas, GMH administrator, said the hospital has until Friday to submit another corrective action report to CMS. The plan is related to the performance improvement process data specific to the anesthesia department.

Posadas said CMS is not worried about the hospital’s service delivery but rather this  particular concern related to the anesthesia department. She said this area needs improvement.

Sen. Therese Terlaje, legislative committee chair on health, said an informational briefing on the hospital’s CMS certification has been scheduled for Thursday at 1:00 p.m.

‘This is what our meeting really is about on Thursday. The most urgent thing at the hospital is the CMS. We don’t want them to lose their CMS accreditation, so they can continue to receive medicare money,” Terlaje said.

According to Terlaje, CMS had concerns about a prior submission by the hospital.

“CMS doesn’t want promises they want action,” she said. According to Terlaje, CMS thinks the wording in GMH’s recent submission “show more plans but not enough action.”

Despite the recent rejection by CMS, and their determination of GMH’s inability to sufficiently address the issues plaguing their anesthesiology department, the oversight chair has expressed her confidence in the team established to satisfy CMS requirements.

Terlaje said that her during her recent visit to the hospital last week, the team assured her of their capabilities, “They seem to be very serious in making action instead of making promises and making plans. So now it is up to the hospital and their abilities to demonstrate an active action plan, substantial enough to convince CMS to award accreditation, she said.