CMS Inspects GMH Nursing Unit; No Major Deficiencies Found


Guam – Federal inspectors from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) visited the GMH Skilled Nursing Unit (SNU) last week. A team of federal inspectors visited the facility for three days for its annual recertification survey.

“Overall the facility did fairly well.” said GMH CEO Joseph Verga.  “The surveyors found no substantial quality of care issues and found the medication error rate to be at 0!”  

There were also no findings in several other key categories including administration, nursing and physician services.  Improvements made and deficiencies corrected since last year’s visit have also been sustained. “I am extremely proud of all the professionals and staff at the SNU and I commend them for all their hard work and efforts.”   “The great outcome affirmed by the CMS visit validates that quality of care and safety are top prioritIes at GMH.”  Verga said.

There were minor findings in the areas of assessment, rights, care plans, infection control, medical records and the physicial environment. The hospital will receive a report within 10 days and will have another 10 days to respond with plans of correction.

“Many corrections are already in progress or have actually already been completed. I am very confident that the SNU will retain its full certification by CMS” Verga said.