CMS inspects GMH to see if they have implemented corrective actions

Guam Memorial Hospital
Guam Memorial Hospital (PNC file photo)

Guam – Is the island’s only public hospital up to par? We’ll soon find out as representatives from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services have been on island assessing the hospital to determining if it can maintain its provider status.

Newly appointed Guam Medical Hospital chief executive officer Lillian Perez Posadas indicated that the team has been here since Monday, January 28, and as of this afternoon they were on site at the hospital conducting their assessment. However, the hospital will not receive a report of the findings until a month or two from now.

“Its very important because its a revisit of what was surveyed last year. They are going to looking at our plan of corrective actions which was accepted in October. This visit is to validate if good on word,” said Posadas.

The assessment includes the hospital and the Skilled Nursing Unit.

It was five months ago that the hospital was at risk of losing their provider status which would have left the hospital out millions of dollars. CMS wrote in a letter to the hospital that it has accepted their reports of compliance and of correction that were filed in June and July. However, the Medicaid inspectors received a complaint regarding a fire at the hospital on July 27 and requested that GMH conduct an internal assessment and submit a report.

GMH turned in the report on August 6 to the stateside agency, where it was reviewed. The letter states: “Accordingly, CMS has not yet determined whether this July 27, 2018 complaint reflects noncompliance with the applicable CoPs [Conditions of Participation] at 42 C.F.R. Part 482.”

Then congresswoman Madeline Bordallo, issued a statement nearly 4 weeks later sharing that CMS would not pull the plug on the hospital’s status.

“This morning was an entrance conference, we were given a list of what to review based on observations and interviews with staff and patients as well as a review of documents such as the listing of patients and protocols,” Posadas stated.

While they have not given feedback for the hospital, Posadas did indicate that they received a preliminary assessment of the Skilled Nursing Unit stating that they were provided an opportunity to remedy what the team found. However, she could not provide details as the report is not official.

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