CNIC Vice Adm. French Visits Guam, Addresses Service Members, Civilians


Santa Rita, Guam (Aug. 14) – Vice Adm. William D. French, Commander, Navy Installations Command addressed service members and civilians during an all-hands call aboard French focused on four tenants outlined by Adm. Jonathan W. Greenert, the chief of naval operations, during his brief. 

Specifically, continued dominance of the seas, cyber technology and security, the Navy’s continued relationship with the Marine Corps and lastly the rebalance to the  

“The Navy and Marines, our relationship is strong here and will become stronger as we continue to move more Marines here to Guam from Okinawa,” said French. “What is done is Guam is critical to what our posture is across the Navy and across all the services, and the missions that we execute in this part of the world. We could not do that without the support from here.”

French said the military’s support in Guam for homeported and visiting submarines as well as surface ships, the Marine buildup, and the collaboration with the Air Force directly effects military operations spanning the western Pacific.

He also spoke about changes to military pay charts, uniform changes, water safety and new opportunities for Sailors wanting to serve at sea and Sailor resiliency, namely the quality of life for Sailors necessary to remain healthy and mission capable.

“The concept of resiliency deals with the challenges of life,” said French. “This is how to eat healthier, how to avoid alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and this includes sexual assault prevention. We encourage folks to live their lives healthier to make the long-term health risks go down, feel better and be more effective at what you do. There are a lot of opportunities here. Continue to French encouraged Sailors to leave the fence line and engage the culture of Guam, namely with the people and enjoy the family atmosphere of the island.  


“There are great opportunities to enjoy this great place,” said French. “Thank you for what you do every day to make this a better place. What you do in Guam is very important and the importance of this place will only grow with time as we bring more Marines, more Navy personnel and their families. Please do everything you can to feel a part of the wining team.” 

French reiterated that he was proud of the collaboration and cooperation between all the military services on Guam and the civilians that support the overall mission. He said the value of Guam is not only recognized by the Navy but by all departments that help govern our country.