CNMI – Another Payless Pay Day for Commonwealth Government Employees


Guam – Another payless payday is facing hundreds of civil servants in non-critical service positions tomorrow because the CNMI government doesn’t have enough funds to cover payroll expenses.

To make matters worse, government employees will not only have another payless payday, but also have to endure a 64-hour payroll in line with the government’s fiscal year 2011 austerity measures.

The governor’s press secretary, Angel Demapan, said non-critical personnel are expected to receive their salaries on either Tuesday or Wednesday next week.

Similar to the previous six delayed paydays, only critical service personnel involved in public safety, education, and health care will be paid Friday, which is an Austerity Friday, meaning most government offices are closed.

All federally funded personnel will also receive their paychecks on time and payroll will be processed as automatic transfer

In addition, Demapan said government employees will likely not be paid on Constitution Day on Wednesday, Dec. 8.