CNMI: Covenant Party to Merge With GOP


Guam – Gov. Benigno R. Fitial said he plans the return to the fold of the Republican Party and has designated a committee to study merging his ruling Covenant Party with the local GOP.

Fitial said he is a lifetime member of the Republican National Committee and has always been a member of the Republican Party in the CNMI. He was also quoted as saying that there is always strength in unity.

Fitial formed the Covenant Party in 2001 to advance his ambition to run for governor. When he lost his gubernatorial bid to Republican bet Juan N. Babauta that year, he went back to the House. He won as governor in 2005 under the Covenant Party banner and was re-elected in 2009.

Fitial is no longer eligible to seek a third term.

Some Republicans, however, do not support the merger of the Covenant and Republican parties.