CNMI Gives Latest COVID Metrics


In Regional news – the Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation held a media briefing yesterday, where they gave further details in regard as to how the NMI is handling the Omicron Surge.

PNC’s Don Sulat has this regional update.

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During yesterdays online media conference – CHCC CEO, Esther Muna, reported that CHCC has an ample amount of Vaccines, tests, boosters, and treatment in order to help bring down the surge.

As for the NMI’s recent COVID data, Regional Communicable Disease Epidemiologist – Stephanie Kern-Allely – reports that the Commonwealth is in rank High, in terms of the CDC’s latest metrics.

The metrics are divided into 3 different metrics which are, covid cases per 100,000 people, new covid admissions per 100,000 population – divided into a 7 day total, and percent of staffed inpatient beds occupied by Covid patients – in a 7 day average.

Allely reported that, for metric 1 the total is around 1,804, metric 2 the average is around 25.3 and metric 3 is around 8.8% as of March 1st.

Moreover – CHCC Public Health Medical Director – Dr. Lily Muldoon – reaffirmed that they are seeing cases drop but they cannot let up just yet.

Furthermore, in order to help those at severe risk of COVID – Dr. Muldoon also went into further detail about the NMI’s opportunity to administer a 4th shot.

Dr. Muldoon further reports that those eligible for the 4th shot can receive it 3 months after their 3rd dose and that it should be one of the mRNA vaccines which are Moderna or Pfizer.

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