CNMI governor comments on Guam COVID protest: ‘Not likely to happen here’

CNMI Governor Ralph Torres (file photo)

A protest against Governor Lou Leon Guerrero’s stricter PCOR-1 directive was held late Tuesday afternoon even as the CNMI started implementing its amended restrictions.

Commenting about the Guam protest, CNMI Governor Ralph Torres says a protest happening in the commonwealth is “unlikely.”

Under the CNMI’s amended temporary restrictions, curfew hours in the CNMI are now from 10 p.m. and 4 a.m. and social gatherings and social activities with more than 10 people in a single room or single space is now prohibited.

The occupancy rate for restaurants and bars is now limited to 50 percent of the allowed occupancy for the establishment. The directive also covers restrictions on gaming and recreational activities.

The CNMI governor shared his thoughts on the protest in Guam during a media briefing with KKMP this morning.

“I don’t foresee a protest here … because if they were … they would have done it earlier, when we were implementing strict directives since day one.” Torres said.

CEO Task Force Esther Muna said: “We have always treated the pandemic as high risk, even though we had zero cases at that time. Our low numbers show that our system is working.”

Torres said the CNMI community has stuck together despite differences. According to CNMI officials, the directives have been amended to temporarily implement restrictions on in-person interactions, social gatherings, and business hours to protect the health and safety of the people.


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