CNMI Governor Torres Impeached by House; Senate Trial Awaits


In Regional News, CNMI Governor Ralph Torres has been Impeached by the Commonwealth House of Representatives.

On Wednesday, the NMI Resolution voted on House Resolution 22-14 which deals with the Impeachment of Governor Ralph Torres.

In order for the charges and the resolution against Torres to be valid – the House needed 2/3rds or 14 representatives to vote yes.

The vote for each charge are as follows:

For Article 1: The Commission of Felony Theft of Utility Services
15 representatives voted yes, 4 voted no and 1 member abstention.

For Article 2: Commission of Felony on Theft:
15 yes, 4 voted no, and 1 abstention.

For Article 3: Corruption, with unlawful first and business class travel.:
15 yes, 4 no, and 1 abstained

Article 4 Corruption on the subject of misuse of Government Resources.
15 yes, 4 no, and 1 abstention.

Article 5 Neglect of Duty on the subject of negligence during a crisis.
15 yes, 4 no, and 1 abstention

Article 6 Neglect of Duty on the subject of contempt of the legislature.
15 yes, 4 no and 1 abstention.

And minutes before broadcast, from the Office of the Governor of the CNMI – Torres reaffirms that the felonies that were charged against him by the JGO is quote, “not factual by any means.”

And reiterates his previous statements by putting his trust in the Senate for the upcoming proceedings and lawsuit that he filed against the JGO

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