VIDEO: CNMI House Slated to Vote on Impeachment of Governor Fitial MONDAY


Saipan -The Special Committee on Impeachment is recommending that the full House of Representatives impeach Benigno Fitial for 18 allegations of corruption, neglect of duty, and felony.

The committee pre-filed the report last Thuirsday recommending the impeachment of Fitial, according to the Saipan Tribune.  By a vote of 5-0, the committee adopted the 51-page committee report on House Resolution 18-2.

A vote on impeachement will be taken today, MONDAY by the full CNMI House. If the Governor is imepached, the allegations then move onto the CNMI Senate for a trial.

A report of a similar nature didn’t get a chance to be completed and presented to the full House for a vote last year after the governor’s allies in the 17th House voted down the impeachment resolution.

Among the impeachment allegations relate to the unauthorized release of a federal inmate in January 2010 to massage the governor at his home, signing of a no-bid $190.8- million power purchase agreement and a no-bid almost $400,000 ARRA management contract, helping a former attorney general avoid a penal summons related to criminal charges, and failure to appoint key officials for Senate consideration, among other things.