VIDEO: CNMI House Fails to Override Fitial’s Veto of Retirement Withdrawal Bill


Saipan – The CNMI House of Representatives failed to override Thursday the governor’s veto of a bill allowing non-retired members of the NMI Retirement Fund to withdraw up to 50 percent of their contributions.


It comes to the disappointment of some 100 employees who filled the House lobby and chamber on Capital Hill.

The override action on Gov. Benigno R. Fitial’s veto of the compromise House Bill 17-226 got only 11 “yes” votes. This was short by three “yes” votes to meet the required 14 votes or two-thirds of the 20-member House.

Hours before the House session, acting governor Eloy S. Inos said it’s the House’s prerogative to override the veto but he is hoping it won’t happen “simply because we believe we have a better plan.”

The Fitial administration had urged the House to recall HB 17-226 and work on a modified version that will not impede its plan to get into the U.S. Social Security system, which would require an estimated $60 million in employer-employee contribution for a five-year buyback.