CNMI House files impeachment resolution against Governor Torres

CNMI Governor Ralph DLG Torres (file photo)

The CNMI House of Representatives has filed a resolution impeaching CNMI Governor Ralph Deleon Guerrero Torres.

The CNMI governor is accused of felonies, corruption, and neglect of duty.

According to the impeachment resolution, Torres utilized his position as Governor to commit theft of utility services by unjustly and without legal authorization obtaining in excess of $177,000 in taxpayer-funded utility benefits from the Commonwealth Utilities Corporation for his privately-owned residences during the period February 2015 through August 18 2021, to include exorbitant utility expenses associated with the commercial piggery that was operating on his residential property.

Governor Torres is also accused of unlawfully and fraudulently taking public funds to obtain airfare, stipend, and lodging to attend a political campaign event in the state of April 30, 2018, to attend a campaign rally, which included first-class and business-class airfare for himself and his spouse, Mrs. Diann Tudela Torres, as well as one day of stipend and a one-night stay in a hotel on or about April 29, 2018, to April 30. 2018 that cost CNMI taxpayers approximately $16,559.41

Under the CNMI Constitution, the House of Representatives may initiate impeachment proceedings by the affirmative vote of two-thirds of its members and the CNMI Senate may convict after hearing by the affirmative vote of two-thirds of its members.

Scroll the PDF below to read the entire impeachment resolution and additional accusations against CNMI Governor Torres.

JGO HOUSE 22-14 Resolution