CNMI Liberation Day Message from Governor Torres and Lt. Governor Palacios

CNMI Gov. Torres and Lt Gov. Palacios (CNMI OPM photo)

“For 75 years, our islands have endured remarkable challenges and transformative changes. From our people leaving the gates of Camp Susupe to reclaim our land to our Commonwealth in political union with the United States, our story of resiliency has become legendary in our Pacific region.

“This weekend, we remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice and devoted their lives to the protection of our freedoms. We remember our veterans, including those who defended the Marianas in World War II. We honor our brothers, our sisters, our sons, and our daughters in uniform who continue to defend the CNMI and the United States.

“This Liberation Day, we remind ourselves why we are “Marianas Strong” and remember our resiliency as a people even in the face of adversity. This past year was filled with many challenges, yet we remain one of the safest places in the world from COVID-19 because of our community.

“Liberation Day is a celebration of our progress together as an island community. “Marianas Strong” is the resilient spirit of our people and a reminder that we will recover and emerge stronger as a community through these difficult times. We sincerely thank you for your patience. You can rest assured that we are working harder more than ever for everyone who calls these islands. Let us enjoy this weekend safely and in the spirit of inafa’maolek and tipiyeew. Un familia yan un guinaiya.”

(Office of the CNMI Governor Release)