CNMI: No plans to stop incoming flights for now

CNMI Official Seal (PNC file photo)

While the spike in COVID-19 cases in Guam is alarming to the CNMI government, officials are saying there are no plans of stopping incoming flights from Guam and other high-COVID-19 areas.

CNMI officials are also confident that their current screening measures at the airport are effective in preventing more COVID-19 transmission in the commonwealth.

These were some of the concerns raised by media to members of the CNMI COVID-19 Task Force during the governor’s briefing this week.

At this point, the CNMI government is not making any recommendations to stop these flights yet, according to Warren Villagomez, head of the Governor’s COVID-19 Task Force.

“We can’t stop the flights entirely but we can recommend suspension. The CEO champions the entry point screening and monitoring and all the database that we have put into place. We feel good at what we have at the airport to minimize COVID-19 risk,” Villagomez said.

He added: “Again we can make recommendations. We have spoken to our Attorney General and the same recommendation, that when we see the need, the Governor can make that request to United Airlines.”