VIDEO: CNMI – Remains Found Believed to Belong to Missing Elderly Man; Not Missing Luhk Sisters


Saipan – Human remains discovered outside of an abandoned house in the village of Kagman proved not to be those of the two girls who went missing in As Teo earlier this year, giving family members renewed hope for a positive outcome in the ongoing investigation of the Luhk sisters.

Based on an exam performed on a lower jaw bone found among the remains, Department of Public Safety and the Department of Public Health officials identified the remains as those of a man of approximately 70 years or more.

HEAR Brad Ruszala’s report HERE: ruszala report-old bones.mp3

READ the CNMI’s Department of Public Safety news release on the human remains found Sunday in Kagman

The kidnapping investigation intensified when local and federal authorities were called to a Kagman residence when the family dog returned home with a portion of what the dog’s owner suspected to be human remains. Upon their arrival on the scene, law enforcement officials scoured the area and discovered additional remains and articles of clothing together outside of a nearby house.

DPH officials and DPS officers gathered a portion of the remains and brought them to the Commonwealth Health Center, where the pet owner’s suspicions were confirmed.

The discovery of the remains sparked speculation among the local community that the remains were those of 10-year-old Faloma Luhk and her nine-year-old sister, Maleina ,who were last seen waiting for their school bus the morning of Wednesday, May 25th.

Acting CNMI Governor Eloy Inos cautioned residents to refrain from spreading rumors and to rely on factual information released by law enforcement officials during their investigation.

The discovery of the remains came two and a half months after the girls went missing and in the area where local and federal authorities concentrated the majority of their search efforts at the start of the investigation.