VIDEO: CNMI Report: $4.23 Gas On Guam is Bad, But $4.36 on Saipan is Worse


Guam – Instability in the Middle East and North Africa, especially in Libya, has wrought havoc on oil prices worldwide and the CNMI is not immune to the spike in gas prices.

Tuesday, the Saipan Tribune reported that motorists on Saipan endured yet another 10- to 15-cents increase in pump prices of gasoline at Mobil Oil Marianas service stations. This as crude oil hovered around $110 a barrel.

Regular unleaded gasoline on Mobil gas stations on Saipan now costs $4.36 a gallon, after a 10-cent increase. Super or premium unleaded gasoline is now $4.68 a gallon, up from $4.58 a gallon. Diesel went up by 16 cents a gallon, from $4.51 to $4.67.

Shell Marianas is expected to mirror today Mobil’s price hike that went into effect 10am yesterday.

Mobil’s, and then Shell’s, latest price hike comes barely 11 days after they increased their prices by 5 cents and barely five weeks after another 8-cent increase.

The latest price increase is the third for 2011, and the ninth since 2010. Since February 2009, Saipan motorists have seen an increase of at least $1.70 a gallon in gasoline prices.

Mark Rabago, PNC News, Saipan.