VIDEO: CNMI Report- AG Warns Tinian Peace Tower Plan Could Be Scam


Guam – The CNMI government is warning the public about a possible scam perpetrated by a suspicious charity to generate revenue for the world’s disadvantaged children and promote peace.

According to the Saipan Tribune, SMDC & Associates has approached at least two elected government officials asking them $1,000 each for the building of a 1,700-foot peace memorial tower on Tinian

SMDC & Associates’ goal is to help not only the over 15 million children in the U.S., but also to reach out “to all disadvantaged and under served children everywhere in the world.”

Attorney General Ed Buckingham and press secretary Angel Demapan said consumers should beware of the charity’s offer and make sure the money they donate will go to a legitimate, charitable purpose and not a scam.

Besides soliciting donations to provide scholarships to for disadvantage children, SMDC & Associates also offers 10-foot bronze statues or corporate logos for those who donate at least $1 million.

These will be displayed in the convention hall of the planned commercial peace tower with a revolving restaurant on top. It also offers free hotel rooms, free food, and free skydiving from the top of the tower to donors.