CNMI Report: CUC Owed Nearly $2M, Government Offices Faces Disconnection


Guam -The CNMI government paid $537,000 out of its $2.5 million IN arrears to the Commonwealth Utilities Corp. last week.

However, the partial payment gives no guarantee that government offices and departments will not be further disconnected from the power grid, the Saipan Tribune reported.

CUC confirmed Friday that a new disconnection list has been submitted to the Executive Branch for review. This time, it covers government offices and departments on Tinian.

CUC was supposed to go ahead and cut theses offices’ power lines but the utility firm decided to delay it for another week pending word from the administration. The agency declined to identify the offices on Tinian that may soon be disconnected.

Because of the government’s outstanding arrears to the utilities firm, power and water lines to many government departments and agencies were cut off recently—mostly to non-essential offices as classified by the Executive Branch.