VIDEO: CNMI Report – Froilan Steps Down; Cabrera Takes House Leadership Position.


Guam – After months of promising to step down, House Speaker Froilan C. Tenorio did just that yesterday and was replaced by Rep. Eli Cabrera, the Saipan Tribune reported.

The leadership change, however, didn’t come without controversy as the voting was conducted in the absence of House minority leader Diego T. Benevante, who was interested in the position. Cabrera beat Benavente, 12-7.

Cabrera said he will work with the Senate to be able to start anew and work together in passing important bills.

Tenorio long made public his intention to step down from the speakership so he could focus on drafting bills and working part-time at his brother’s private company.

The former governor said he will continue to work on supporting the casino bill that Rep. Stanley Torres reintroduced even after his own casino measure was thumbed down by the Senate.

Tenorio had an acrimonious relationship with the upper chamber and in fact was not in speaking terms with most senators.