VIDEO: CNMI Report – Lack of Funds Keeps Tinian Workers Stuck at 64-Hour Bi-Weekly Pay


Saipan – Employees of the Tinian Mayor’s Office won’t be able to enjoy a partial lifting of austerity measures after the municipality said it has no money to pay them for 72 hours work.

The Saipan Tribune reports that Tinian Mayor Ramon Dela Cruz told his employees that they won’t go back to 72 work hours biweekly from the current 64 hours because there are no funds available to cover the additional eight hours beginning July 29 up to Sept. 30.

Then acting governor Eloy S. Inos, in a July 26 memo, said no department or agency may increase work hours if fund balances are insufficient to cover the additional eight working hours for the remainder of the fiscal year.

This Friday is supposed to be a working day for government employees if agencies have sufficient lapsed funds to cover the eight hours.

The administration of Gov. Benigno Fitial, as well as the House and Senate, is poised to restore full 80 hours biweekly starting Oct. 1.