VIDEO: CNMI Report – Dead Man Found in Garapan Apartment; Police Investigating


Guam – A man was found dead Tuesday afternoon inside his apartment room in Garapan. Police are investigating but they have not yet ruled it a homicide.

However, Police say they have not ruled out foul play.

The victim’s name, age, and nationality have not been released, but residents of the apartment tell the Saipan Tribune that the dead person is “a tall black American” in his 50s.

In related news, the Department of Public Safety has created a special unit that focuses on solving cold homicide cases as well as missing persons.

The Special Homicide Activity Resolution Partnership, or SHARP, was formed a couple of months back and will be composed of five detectives.

According to police, they have as much as 42 pending homicide cases and missing person cases in the CNMI that date back to the ’70s.