VIDEO: CNMI Report – Rota Suffering from Intermittent Power Outages Which CUC Has Yet to Explain


Guam – Some 500 to 600 Rota residents have been suffering from a weeklong intermittent power outages, but the Commonwealth Utilities Corp. has yet to explain the reason or the reasons behind the disruption of service.

Affected residents and business owners interviewed by the Saipan Tribune are worried about the power interruption’s negative impact on their livelihood as well as to their appliances that can be damaged by un-announced power outages. 

Rota residents interviewed said outages usually occur in the early morning when their children start preparing for school or when employees are about to go to work.

They said the unannounced power interruptions started last Sept. 16 and the outages last from one to three hours a day.

While CUC has kept mum on the issue, sources said that the causes of the successive interruptions are “old and dilapidated” insulators that need to be replaced and the successive heavy rains during the past couple of days.