CNMI Report – CNMI Has Advantage in Tapping into China Tourism Market


Saipan – The CNMI already has one foot inside the door of the very promising China tourism market, according to marketing expert Jim Beighley. The senior vice president for strategy and market development of luxury retailer DFS Group, Beighley said Chinese travelers are now the target of tourism industries across the globe.

Fortunately, the CNMI is a pioneer in the China market and Beighley sees this as a great advantage because the Commonwealth has already advanced knowledge of this market and has been dealing with these consumers for quite a long time now.

Between now and 2020, Beighley predicts that 300 million to 400 million households in China will become middle class

When a household becomes middle class, Beighley said the ability to travel overseas is something they can do and the CNMI should position itself to tap into this growing Chinese tourist market.