Former CNMI Representative Sablan Questions Ada’s Sole Source Contract


Guam – Some CNMI residents are up in arms over the $392,406 sole-source contract awarded to former Commerce Secretary Michael J.  Ada to remain as the state lead for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.
Former representative Tina Sablan said Ada’s deal is just one of many questionable contracts sole-sourced by the Fitial administration.

She added that all professional service contracts farmed out by the current administration should be investigated.

Ed Propst, for his part, said sole-sourcing is for emergency cases and ignorance on current administration’s part should not constitute an emergency.

Press secretary Angel Demapan, however, said critics should understand the terms of the contract first before rushing to judgment.

He said government did not hand $392,000 to Ada as an individual, as his company, Integrated Professional Solutions, will be taking over employer responsibilities and expenses of the personnel who work at the ARRA Office as well as other associated costs away from the government.