CNMI returns to normalcy

Photo courtesy of Jo Blas

Guam – Life in the CNMI after Super Typhoon Yutu is returning to normalcy.A release from the CNMI Governors Office says the outlook on the horizon’s improving for our brothers and sisters up north. The Saipan International Airport welcomed its first flight of tourists last week and key businesses have returned to regular operating hours. All airports within the CNMI have opened, but not all to full service just yet.

The shelter population in Saipan has been reduced by 70% as residents have been able to move back into their homes. 50% of Saipan’s power grid has been restored, and 50% capacity power is expected on Tinian by Christmas. Over 80% of Saipan’s water wells have been energized, and Tinian’s water wells are 100% online.

Regional military assets were deployed to the CNMI to conduct debris removal and provide reverse osmosis water purification and the governor confirms the objective has been marked “mission complete.”

Earlier this month, CNMI Commissioner of Education Glenn Muna established a target date to open all Commonwealth Public Schools by Monday December 3rd. More than half of those schools are reopening their doors for classes this coming Monday.

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