CNMI Says No To Paratrooper Training On Rota


Guam – The CNMI Government has turned down a request from the U.S. military which asked to be allowed to conduct parachute training on Rota.

The Commonwealth rejected the request because it would have jeopardize millions of dollars in federal funding for the Rota Airport.

The military was willing to pay a $33,000 fee for the right to stage a practice jump over the Rota Airport.

However the Commonwealth Ports Authority did not want to risk a promise of  $300 million dollars in federal revenue for airport rehabilitation projects on Rota.

The Federal Aviation Administration has threatened to cut funding assistance for airport projects in the CNMI if the military’s proposal was approved.

The FAA told the Commonwealth Ports Authority “if you let them jump, we will cut off your funding.”

The 3D Reconnaissance Battalion planned to conduct a training program on Rota from September 16 to 21.

It would have involved 2 teams of 7 members parachuting  onto the Rota International Airport runway.