CNMI Shutdown Day 6: House Leader Froilan Tenorio Says He’ll Resign


Guam – House Speaker Froilan C. Tenorio says he’ll resign the speakership but clarified that the move is not because of his failure to introduce anew casino operations on Saipan.

The former governor said he is stepping down as leader of the lower chamber so he could supplement his income by working part-time at his brother’s engineering consultancy company.

Tenorio, however, said that Rota and Tinian senators would regret voting down the casino bill at a time when the CNMI economy needs a fresh source of revenue.

He also doesn’t think the government will even meet the $132 million projected revenue for 2011 and said casinos could’ve addressed the Commonwealth’s revenue problem in two to three years.

Tenorio’s planned resignation comes as the CNMI government entered its sixth day of partial shutdown today after the Legislature failed to pass a balanced budget in Sept. 30.

The House leadership, Tenorio said, is now amenable to the Senate’s proposed eight-hour work cut per pay period provided that the executive branch lets go of 383 employees.