CNMI to unveil new set of travel guidelines

CNMI Official Seal (PNC file photo)

The CNMI is planning to unveil a new set of COVID-19 travel guidelines in mid-August.

The new protocols will be used to identify countries or territories which are considered low-risk or high-risk zones.

As some countries are slowly changing their travel restrictions, geographic assessments are being performed to identify which destinations fall under these two categories.

According to Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation CEO Esther Muna, the CNMI COVID-19 task force is looking at various measurements including the positivity rate, and hospitalization rates to evaluate what countries are considered high risk or low risk.

Muna spoke about the new protocols during the CNMI Governor’s media briefing this morning.

“We are working on a new protocol, as things develop in what we are seeing … for example, with what is happening in Korea and with what is happening in the US mainland,” Muna said.

She added: “The protocol will identify the high-risk and low-risk zones and it is expected basically around mid-August. The plan is to make sure that we get the messaging out so…individuals will know what to expect when they travel to the CNMI.”

Just recently, the CNMI implemented new quarantine procedures for incoming travelers. Under the new guidelines, any person entering the CNMI may be exempted from quarantine and be able to self-quarantine if they complete several steps including providing proof of a valid PCR test.


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