CNMI’s Power Utility Declares An Emergency, Again


Guam –  Equipment failures and hiring problems were among the reasons CNMI Gov. Benigno R. Fitial cited in his latest extension of the state of emergency declaration for the Commonwealth Utilities Corp.

The governor said since September, CUC has had to rent vehicles because six of its vehicles are in such bad shape that they are dangerous.

CUC also has had to rent backhoes for performing daily routine water and wastewater operations functions during the past month.

The utility’s hiring woes, meanwhile, include having the best candidates identified for vacant positions—such as for the Drinking Water and Wastewater Division manager—declining the job offers.

Fitial also said water meters installed on Saipan over the past five years have experienced nearly complete failure.

The governor said CUC also continues to suffer an unprecedented number of waterline breaks and resultant water loss.

Fitial first put CUC under emergency declaration in August 2008.