Coalition 389 Forms To Repeal Drinking Age Law


Guam – Over one thousand individuals and businesses have joined forces to repeal legislation without representation, particularly, the legislation that increased the drinking age to 21.

According to spokesperson Dee Cruz, Coalition 389 was formed last week to make sure the people of Guam have the opportunity to voice their choice. She says the members of the coalition feel Bill 389 was passed into law without almost no discussion in a matter of 3 weeks. She adds repealing the law is not an excuse for 18 to 20 year olds to party. Cruz mentions their main concern is the process of how the bill was passed. In fact, the coalition wants the measure to go back on the ballot because people have the right to vote on it.

“We just want to give Guam a chance to vote on this bill and give us a chance to come up with other solutions or ways to oppose or ways to even fix it” said Cruz. “That’s where this petition drive is coming from. That’s why we’re having it tonight. Our first campaign launch is at Club Xscape from 8-10”.

You may recall, two similar bills on raising the drinking age were rejected by Guam voters in previous years.

Again, the campaign launch and registration drive will be at Club Xscape tonight from 8 pm to 10 pm. For more information, check out Coalition 389 on facebook or email .