Coast Guard anticipates Port Heavy Weather Condition X-ray for Guam and CNMI



(USCG Sector Guam) – In preparation for the arrival of Tropical Depression 26W (formerly 99W),the U.S. Coast Guard Captain of the Port for Guam plans to establish Port Heavy Weather Condition X-ray for the ports of Guam, Saipan, Rota, and Tinian on 10 a.m. Sunday.

In accordance with Title 33, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Part 160.111(c), the COTP herebyorders the following:

  • All commercial vessels must prepare to complete cargo operations and depart the ports of CNMI when PHWC Yankee is established. Vessels not under power, also known as dead ships, or vessels, barges, and drydocks unable to put to sea must make a prompt written application to the COTP.

Upon the setting of PHWC Yankee all commercial vessels greater than or equal to 200 gross tons must depart and all inbound vessels are prohibited from entering the port.
Upon the setting of PHWC Zulu, should it become necessary, the port and marinas will remain closed to incoming traffic and all cargo and bunker operations will be suspended.

Any vessel or facility operator desiring a Captain of the Port waiver from the above restrictions must submit a written request.

If you have questions or concerns, please call the Sector Guam Prevention and Compliance Department at 671-355-4835 or the Coast Guard command center at 671-355-4824.

For general questions concerning the storm’s predicted track, speed, or intensity, please contact the National Weather Service at 671-472-0900.