VIDEO: Coast Guard Shows Off It’s High-Tech Response Boat on “Mission Day”


Guam – Today was Coast Guard mission day. The U.S. Coast Guard sector Guam opened themselves up to the public and the media to showcase what the coast guard does for the island of Guam.

As part of coast guard mission day they gave a tour of their 225 ft. coast guard cutter named the Sequoia.

The Sequoia is an ocean going buoy tender launched in 2003 that is stationed here on Guam.

Lt. J.G. Richard Russel explains that the coast guard has over 11 missions worldwide and the only mission that they do not do on Guam is ice breaking.

“We have our port waterways and coastal security mission we have our homeland defense homeland security missions, search and rescue, pollution response I mean you name it the coast guard is in to everything,” said Russel.

To help with their wide-ranging mission the coast guard has a brand new high tech 45 ft. response boat. Executive petty officer Josh Grable says they received this new boat in April. It can can operate in 12 ft. seas and 50 knots of wind. Instead of propellers it’s a jet driven boat that is more maneuverable and capable of moving through shallow waters.

“Also, with props on a normal boat you have to be very careful about your engine maneuvers and take that into account this boat has a top speed of 44 knots you can go from full speed to all back without hurting the boat the engines will automatically ramp themselves down and then come back so you can do what is called an emergency or crash stop well within the boat length of it,” said Grable.

This 45 ft response boat was used to rescue the divers that were reported missing up near Pati point a couple of weeks ago. Grable says they were able to get to Pati point from Sumay cove within 35 minutes of receiving the call.