Cockfighting ban to take effect 1 year from now

Animal Wellness Action has released live-animal shipping records from the Guam Department of Agriculture that the group claims show more than 500 illegal shipments of fighting birds to Guam from 2017 to 2019.

Guam – With the president’s signature making the 2018 Farm Bill now law, it also means cockfighting will now be illegal nationwide, including on Guam.

The cockfighting ban was removed in the Senate version of the bill but it somehow inconspicuously made its way back to the final version of the bill.

Cockfighting is already illegal across the U.S. but exceptions were made for the U.S. territories. Now that the farm bill has been signed into law with the cockfighting ban included, the popular sport that has been a traditional practice on Guam for centuries, will become illegal one year from now.

The Farm Bill authorizes $867 billion in spending on agriculture in America. Some of the key provisions in the law include legalization of hemp, rejection of strict food stamp work requirements, and bolstering of subsidies to farmers.

In a statement issued earlier this month, Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo noted that she and her colleagues from the territories strongly opposed the inclusion of the ban into the Farm bill but their efforts were ultimately defeated.

Bordallo called for resolving Guam’s political status and lobbied for full voting representation in Congress.