Cockfighting veteran agrees with ban

Animal Wellness Action has released live-animal shipping records from the Guam Department of Agriculture that the group claims show more than 500 illegal shipments of fighting birds to Guam from 2017 to 2019.
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On Friday, the federal ban on cockfighting will take effect. PNC spoke to a cockfighter who plans to abide by the law and thinks it’s been a long time coming.

A 30-year cockfighting veteran, who wished to remain anonymous during his interview with PNC, agrees with the federal ban.

According to him the times are changing and Guam should get behind the law due to the barbaric nature of cockfighting.

He does, however, fear that local cockfighters are still very unclear on the law.

“With the new law coming there’s a lot of people who are hyped up and confused. I know you can still have a rooster provided that you’re not showing in any way that you are having a cockfight,” he said.

He added: “The people here don’t understand the harshness of what the outcome is going to be. They take your rooster, they take your blades, they can take your house. I’ve seen people in the states they take their land.”

Congress upgraded the federal law against animal fighting last December, giving cockfighters and law enforcement a one-year grace period before the ban goes into effect.