Coconut Sugar Good For Diabetics, Weight Management & Lowering Bad Cholesterol?


Guam- A new type of coconut sugar has hit Guam’s shelves and it’s known to have greater health benefits for diabetics than cane sugar.

During a check presentation to the Diabetes Association of Guam at Meskla for $2,867.23. Pacific Rim Brokers President Pete Sgro says his company is backing a product called “Benevita Cocosugar”. Sgro says he brought back samples to Guam from the Philippines and received good feedback from diabetics and non diabetics alike. In fact, some patients that tested the product over a long period of time reported a decrease in their use of insulin. Sgro is now working with the Diabetes

Association of Guam to see if there is a trend. While he wants to improve the lifestyles of the over 40 thousand diabetics on Guam, Sgro also explains some of the health benefits of this “cocosugar.”

“With coconut sugar, it doesn’t store the sugar in your body” said Sgro. “So obviously, it has some health benefits not just for diabetics. But with respect to obesity, if you eat a lot of cane sugar, you’re going to get fat storage. If you use one with low Glycemic Index which coconut sugar is…then you don’t have that storage.”

Sgro adds this sugar has more nutrients than cane sugar and lowers Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) or bad cholesterol.

Aside from donating the product to the association for the first 30 days, Sgro adds his company is committing and contributing $10 thousand dollars to host a regional diabetes workshop in April.

“We are flying presenters from the University of Pittsburgh Diabetes Institute” remarked Sgro. “The director of the institute will be flying into Guam in April, together with 3 diabetes instructors. We’re not going to limit it to professionals on Guam. We’re also going to extend invitations to representatives from the outer island because diabetes is in chronic levels as well over there.”

Sgro mentions the U.S. Department of Agriculture has certified “Benevita Cocosugar” as organic. The product can be found at all Payless Supermarkets for now.

However, Benevita has offered Sgro’s company to be their exclusive representative for the entire west coast of the United States.

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