Coconut Tree Planted in Ypao in Honor of Arbor Day


Department of Agriculture plants coconut tree for Arbor Day.

 Today is Arbor Day and to celebrate it the Department of Agriculture held a special tree planting ceremony at the Ypao beach.


 There are numerous native and endangered trees on Guam but the tree selected for this year’s tree planting ceremony is one that has only recently been under attack. The coconut rhinoceros beetle has decimated all of the coconut trees at the Ypao beach park so today(Tues.) government officials planted a niyok tres anos or three year coconut tree. This type of coconut tree bears coconuts within 3 years.


 “We need to reforest the coconut tree the coconut again very vital to our culture it is our medicine. It is our food source. It is very significant and symbolic. It is our flag so we need actually to as a start for today plant coconut trees,” said Lewis. The theme for this Arbor day is plant for today a tree for tomorrow.