Coconut Trees at Paseo Cut Down & Turned into Mulch Because of Rhino Beetle


Buena Vista Environmental provided the service free of charge and also planted 40 coconut trees to replace the ones that had to be cut down. 

Guam – Over a dozen coconut trees that were killed by the rhino beetle in Paseo were cut down and turned into mulch in one fell swoop.


 Thanks to a donation by Buena Vista Environmental 14 trees were disposed of near the statue of liberty at the Paseo park. According to Department of Parks and Recreation officials the trees were killed by coconut rhino beetles and were identified by the Department of Agriculture’s forestry division as trees that could be removed. These types of dead trees are the perfect breeding ground for the rhino beetle. The excavator with the mulcher attachment was provided free of charge by Buena Vista Environmental to help Guam prepare for FESTPAC. Buena Vista Environmental also provided and planted 40 new coconut trees in the area.