CODEL listens to Guam veterans issues

Rep. Mark Takano, the chairman of the House veterans affairs committee, shakes hands with Guam veterans during the veteran town hall meeting organized by Congressman Michael San Nicolas.

The town hall meeting with the Veterans Affairs Congressional Delegation provided a platform for veterans and the community to raise questions over issues affecting the veterans on Guam.

During the veteran town hall meeting, one of the issues pointed out was the glaring differences between what’s offered to veterans in Hawaii versus Guam. Veterans also requested for clarity regarding the intent of the CODEL visit.

To which Rep. Mark Takano, the chairman of the Veterans Affairs Committee, answered that he and the committee members wanted to see the situation in the nation’s territories for themselves.

“As reported to me by Mr. San Nicolas and Mr. Sablan, they were pretty much advocating for congressional allocation to see what the disparities in the level of service are in the territories,” Takano said.

Congressman Michael San Nicolas declared the first-ever congressional delegation visit to Guam during his term a success.