COEVAL Design Partners Contribute $30K to UOG Capital Campaign


Guam – Coeval Design Partners J. Ponce Herradura, Abe L. Asuncion, Francisco Z. Diamzon and Joseph A. Stadler presented a $30,000 check to University of Guam President Robert A. Underwood on February 17 to support the university’s capital campaign.

“We appreciate the support from Coeval Design Partners in helping us build our 21st Century campus,” said Underwood. “They recognize the importance of the university to our island and our region and the positive impact that higher education has in developing an informed, educated community.”

[From Left: .J. Ponce Herradura, Senior Managing Partner/Chief Operation Officer;  Mark Mendiola, Executive Director UOG Endowment Foundation; UOG President Robert A. Underwood; Francisco Z. Diamzon, Architect; Abe L. Asuncion, Principal; Joseph A. Stadler, Business Development Partner]

“The UOG Alumni that work at Coeval are an asset to our business,” said Herradura, Coeval’s Senior Managing Partner and COO. Coeval representatives also described their commitment to supporting facility improvements at schools in Guam and the surrounding region.

The UOG Endowment Foundation works to foster and promote the growth, progress, and general welfare of the University of Guam. Coeval’s contribution to the Endowment makes them a “Triton Developer,” a program that supports the UOG Physical Master Plan with donations that can be spread out over a 60-month period (five years).