Coffee Shop Makes Tipping Fun With Mes Chamorro Questions


Java Junction asked customers how they prefer to spell Chamorro

 Guam – Chamorro or Chamoru? How do you think it should be spelt? As part of Mes Chamorro celebrations local coffee shop Java Junction posed the question to their customers in the form of tip jars.

“It’s something that everyone talks about,” General Manager John Ray Taitano told PNC. “It allows us to interact with our customers more.”

The Chamorro Language Commission announced that they were changing the official spelling of Chamorro to Chamoru in 1993 but the legislature voted to make the official spelling “Chamorro” in 1994. The debate has continued.

At the end of the lunch shift “Chamorro” was ahead with $11.50 in tips. “Chamoru” had $9.75 cents of tips.